Michelle Loftin born and raised in Clinton, North Carolina. She is the youngest of eleven siblings. She has two children of her own. Michelle is very family oriented and very outgoing. Her hobbies are math, music, poetry, and most important giving back to the community. She likes to help people that are trying to help themselves. Michelle takes pride in her work because she dedicated to completing everything that she has set forth for herself. Loftin graduated from Clinton High School with Honors. After high school she joined the United States Army. During her time as an enlisted soldier she earned federal and State Certifications as a Logistic Engineer, deployed to Afghanistan for nine months, and a earned a host of military awards. Michelle Loftin earned her Associate of Arts Degree in Business Adminstration, bachelor’s degree of Business Adminstration of Finance and is currently pursuing her master’s degree of Finance. She founded Shoot the Books in memory of her late brother Kaleef Jonathan Johnson. Kaleef was killed during a cowardly act of gun violence. Kaleef was a street legend of Clinton, NC. He leaves behind his lovely family and his three beautiful children. STB will honor him by giving back to the communities, provide outlet for the youth and adults to learn about gun violence, firearm awareness, and encourage the youth to finish school. Shoot the Books will honor two high students a year within his memory. Michelle Loftin currently resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She is a self-employed, retired disabled veteran and founder of Shoot the Books Inc. She spends her time traveling, with family, and educating others on gun violence and getting the youth to focus on the importance of their education.

Alisha McBride was born and raised in New York City. She is the youngest of ten siblings. Alisha is the mother of five loving children and called “Ma” by numerous neighborhood children. Not having the easiest life, Alisha had to persevere through the realities of society. Her childhood consisted of moving from foster home to foster home, yet she still overcame those hardships. Her hobbies are reading, writing, learning about history and finding innovative ways to make a change in the world. Her other hobbies include creating things with her hands, traveling to old places and educating herself in various aspects of the world. Alisha enjoys talking to youth about different obstacles in life and mentors’ young women and men on choosing better decisions that will propel them further in life. Graduating from Lawrence school district in 2001, Alisha furthered her education at Allen School of Brooklyn where she obtained her medical assistance degree. She continued by taking entrepreneurship courses, business development and business management classes to grow herself individually. In 2006, she switched careers to the music industry where she was able to learn more about management, advertising and marketing, eventually doing public relations work for many celebrities She is very dependable and dedicated to making a change in the youth that she comes across. Like her father, she is a firm believer that she “never met a stranger”. With that attitude, Alisha can talk to anyone and making them feel comfortable in her presence. Having friends reaching across the globe, Alisha is prepared to fight as many battles as needed to win the war against gun violence. Throughout all her fails and successes, Alisha was able to keep a kindred spirit and a giving heart. Upon the loss of her beloved cousin Kaleef, she cofounded Shoot the Books Inc to help the youths from becoming victims of gun violence. Michelle and Alisha can be reached via email at shootthebooks@gmail.com or call 910-751-7747.